Monday, April 24, 2006 Sensitivity

After having passed this first month at LCB -just a little bit over a month!! phew.....what a content-filled one!!-, trying to make and enjoy new friendships, which I'm sure will become colleagues in the years to come, I am just beginning to feel fully submerged into subtleties which seem to deepen by the hour. Someone out there would think I am rushing things, or that I am getting in muddy waters, but again, I feel there is an underlying sense of connection, of integrity that I want to share.
From discovering mountains in the Highlands of Scotland, to running half-naked through phonetic symbols, from dissecting clauses to plunging into innatism, from parading aspects of language to overwhelming beauty of teaching and learning, there is a heartbeat under my feet that is keeping my passion alive. Share yours with me.

.....I crave for Sense, to endure challenges to come........and crave for Sensitivity to recognise and accept the answers that lie ahead.

Note: 20 years after Chernobyl, these two words grow up in meaning to become blinding lights all over us. Remember Chernobyl. Remember Life.