Sunday, October 22, 2006

Windmill of Life

As the windmill labouriously revolves behind these quasi-teenagers, so does my life. It has taken very long for me to write here again, as I'm expanding my English learning-teaching and Irish music performing. Unfortunately I had to quit (just for the moment) my formal studies, as the number of students in my agenda keeps growing, and my life grows with each student looming ahead in my horizon.
Anyway, I'm quite sure there will be plenty of wonderous stories to share with my "dewdrops on the net" in the near future.
I find, with every breath I take, as the sun makes its way through its heavenly daily errands,
that those dewdrops can't evaporate, and, yes, Mary Dear, with every comment my childlike amazement grows........
The words I try to utter here are those from the heart, those that indelibly link myself with each and every one of you, those that know of no boundaries or languages.
I deem I have finally found a way to express my gratitude to all living beings, to give something in return for the wonderful life I'm living now, and to try and join the heartbeats in each and every net-sustainers with my own, just to finally sing the same song.
O Children-at-Heart, I bow to you all in sheer loveliness!