Saturday, May 20, 2006

I 'Will' Follow

I've seen those faces before......I've seen the anguish in those souls, those bleeding hearts. And I've been there.
The dream, obscured by infectious ramblings about the future, sorely delayed time and time again. And then I remembered....
English language seems to have no such thing as 'future tense'. It has to force the future by invoking 'modality'. In other words, it has to have the force of 'will'. So, who am I to tell you about the future?. No one knows what it would bring, unless one might conjure up a lasting enchantment to travel forward in time. And I deem that could only be done by force of will.
Meanwhile, dear mates, here we are, still alive after the mini-tests we have just had in the LCB classroom. And, as nothing lasts forever, what could possibly be the use of worrying further on? I'm not now praising contentment, I'm not telling you just to go with the flow. Just invoke that force of will inside to counterspell anxiety, to look at the whole picture, and enjoy the only 'tense' we've got: The Simple Present.