Sunday, July 16, 2006

Stormy Weather

I thought of this old song beautifully performed by Frank Sinatra to talk about this. After having been away from the blog for over a month, there are some things I need to write about.
I've had quite a ride at the LCB. There have been some examinations and plenty of assignments to do, but mostly I've had lots of fun. I've even found myself trying to help other people with their difficulties. I mention this because it's very difficult nowadays to find people available to help. This may seem ironic, but people nowadays are quite 'busy' to help others. I don't really know if this is an excuse to remain detached or what, but I don't feel like getting detached myself. I've had lots of self-satisfaction in helping others.

On other matters, and also related with the there any difference as regards good and bad emotions?. Just like the weather, emotions are everchanging, but I don't think there is such a thing as "good" and "bad" emotions, just like "good" and "bad" weather. Do you think, dear reader, that stormy weather is bad for crop fields?. What's really "bad" about rain? I've found many people who talks about this way, just as with emotions.
I strongly think that there are
, regardless of the quality. Who am I to judge (this is what we do when qualifying) other's emotions? It is true that emotions can do us much harm......but as the Chinese say, you don't have to be there to receive them, if you know they would do you harm!
Anyway, emotions make us do funny things, such as judging peers' performances (I've just seen it an awful lot of it at the LCB), playing people down when someone claims to have more skills than others (again, seen a lot......), and some passiveness as regards letting this happen (I don't claim to be a "truth-holder", but there are some limits on passiveness).

I do hope that all this happens because we are going through chaotic times, that we are treading unknown paths. These are just ramblings from a non-judgmental person, but I'm beginning to get worried about intolerance and passiveness.

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