Sunday, September 14, 2008


A crack in the sky lets me relive again, after all this time. New companions in my endless search for fulfillment disclose my intentions. Cryptic thoughts let me flow through memories of a not-so-distant past, gaining momentum by the second...

This is a new beginning. A different place to share life experiences, retaining my old feelings of joy, enriching my soul with new human dewdrops, and hearing the falling of a tree branch from a forest I still cannot locate.

After this year away, I hope to come back here at times, to pour some parts of my soul. New endeavours have kept me apart from sharing my learning-teaching experiences, but I believe I will be able to share new insights with you. You know, the cup never gets filled!!!
- * -
Lapses of time never fail to show
how frail we are,
how dim our connection with love
can become.
But at the same time,
they let us in,
they help rebuild our forgotten layers.
- * -
Rediscover moments,
Regain consciousness,
Redesign horizons,
with Renewed Hope.
- * -