Thursday, March 29, 2007

Life is peachy!

Hi, dewdrops all! This is me again, still rebirthing.......After having taken Cambridge's TKT exam, I feel stamina-stuffed again (though it's difficult for me to cope with March-April's wet climate)

This year, and the following, seem promising to me. I've just found a place -or several places- in the Liceo Cultural Británico: I've been given adolescent and adult courses there, and I'm sort of busy, but the 'peachiness' of life is largely overwhelming that initial 'quicksand stepping' feeling when assuming responsibility for groups of people. As classes pass by, there is also a fullness which has taken over me: the permanent feedback with my students, the idyllic state of bliss which stays after each and every class I give, the help that comes from everywhere, my colleagues' silent understanding and support, make me remember my own adolescent years......promising, filled with hope. And I do hope this fullness to last.

And, this state I'm in has taken me to greater intention to resume my Teacher Training formal studies has taken shape. After having faced difficult times which led me to abandon those studies last year, the dust now is being settled, and the intention has become,now, Teacher Trainers Beware! Next year I'm coming back with a vengeance!!!


At 10:03 PM, Blogger Gladys Baya said...

Hey, you know we'll always be looking forward to welcoming you back!

Big hug,



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