Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Global Warmth

Just as the dust is clearing after my Teacher Training College's mid-term exams, I'm beginning to fully appreciate the many comments on this humble blog o' mine......Sometimes the humid air makes it difficult to see, sometimes the thunder and lightning of frantic neuronal activity blurs the whole picture......sometimes the rain on our hearts make us sad, but when we shake the weather off, the essence shows and prevails.
What I just want to utter here is a song of praise, to express a sense of belonging to a global warmth, which is the LwC group. There have been (many) times when I felt at a loss, when emptiness crept from everywhere, but, soon after that, those little lights of hope, those little warriors which make up my soul, defied the undefiable, their secret voices oozing out of every cell of my body and shouting "Hope remains!"

Be sure, my friends, that I'll be there,
Be certain, life-givers, that I'll stay,
Little lights, everyone, everywhere,
which help to make my way!

Thank you all, my dear dewdrops on the net!