Monday, May 08, 2006

Space-Time Continuum

In space, there are no boundaries. In time, there is continuum.
Space, in the LCB, is plentiful. Not only to express myself, but also to hear the resounding echoes of walls and corridors, telling me to continue. And strong enough to withstand my inquiries and, to some extent, my circumstances.
And Time, also in the LCB, is an enormous dynamic body to withstand my feelings, my secret wishes, and my love.

That room, in which I devote myself to succeed in social communication (I deeply thank my mates for that), and in which I leave many cells of my body and receive both knowledge and affectionate gestures (I deeply thank all teachers and staff!), has the shape of a nest: no sharp corners, no dark sarcasm.....but neverending energy currents which sweep away my fears in this path I gleefully have embarked. I can hardly express my gratitude to all the people commenting -or not- on this little place of mine. The best way to let you know how I feel is just being with you all, every day I spend with or without you in the flesh.