Saturday, June 10, 2006

Teaching Learning or Learning Teaching?

This seems to be an abstruse question. It might be highly philosophical. Would it be too soon to try and question myself this?
After eagerly having listened to classmates and teachers at LCB this week, this question seems to be trying to eat me alive. Am I supposed to learn how to teach, as a skill to make a living, and just stop there? If so, I believe this could be the end of my career to me. And, on the other hand, am I supposed to be taught how to learn, as a way to get information, and remain self-centered and self-satisfied with my own knowledge? Again, if so, I also believe this could be the end of my career to me.
So, what would happen if I tried to combine those two paths? What would the intersection be? The light bulb inside my head is flickering! A Learning Teacher AND a Teaching Learner would be a very nice combination.........this would transform every classroom into a jam session, as in music, in which social interaction would be the trend!
We are human (at least most of which can read these ramblings), we are gregarious in nature, so, why not apply that gregariousness into learning and teaching? At the very least, that combination will save me from being brain-dead.....
Or will it?
Photo: A Rodent Successfully Using Lateral Thinking.