Sunday, September 14, 2008


A crack in the sky lets me relive again, after all this time. New companions in my endless search for fulfillment disclose my intentions. Cryptic thoughts let me flow through memories of a not-so-distant past, gaining momentum by the second...

This is a new beginning. A different place to share life experiences, retaining my old feelings of joy, enriching my soul with new human dewdrops, and hearing the falling of a tree branch from a forest I still cannot locate.

After this year away, I hope to come back here at times, to pour some parts of my soul. New endeavours have kept me apart from sharing my learning-teaching experiences, but I believe I will be able to share new insights with you. You know, the cup never gets filled!!!
- * -
Lapses of time never fail to show
how frail we are,
how dim our connection with love
can become.
But at the same time,
they let us in,
they help rebuild our forgotten layers.
- * -
Rediscover moments,
Regain consciousness,
Redesign horizons,
with Renewed Hope.
- * -

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I'd like to be
part of the cure,
and part of the disease
that cures you.
Life tells us
Death is only the windowsill of Light,
and Suffering is only the disappearing trail of Enlightenment.
filling all the recesses from where disenchantment oozes,
destroys unwanted misdemeanors,
and always delays stillness.
As a movement,
you always belong.
As a clear night
you show the lights around us.
As snow
you lead us to sheer simplicity.
And as rain,
you tell us to move through to......

Monday, May 14, 2007

Beauty is a Side-effect......

Hi, Folks!!! Every time I feel compelled to write, there seems to be a huge reason to let words drop through this humble blog 'o' mine. And this time is no exception.
Having attended yet another seminar (the LCB Series' first one, "Writing for Authentic Audiences", led by one of my mentors, Mrs. Gladys Baya), a few reflections are in order: this one was heavily attended -25, 30 people in all?-, taking into account the earliness of the hour (9:30 on a coldish Saturday). The warmth of the well-known atmosphere struck me right from the beginning. I stepped once again on the soft, cherished wood floors, only to find dear faces, greeting me into that irregular-shaped classroom.
The seminar went smoothly, and at a given time something strongly drew my attention: a poem on a wall, written by an 11-year-old boy (*), and a verse running "....Beauty is a side-effect everyone has". Then my heart skipped a beat: I suddenly remembered a Cyndi Lauper song, "True Colors", about human nature, and how deceiving can be to draw shallow portraits of people based only on I started to ponder on this, another flash of humbling light struck, making me recall some commercials on TV regarding 'not so beautiful' people advertising a soap brand. All this became a sweet remainder of how children can always bring us down to earth. The title phrase, resourceful in simplicity, freshly gets us rid of unwanted perfection, strips us from 'Maya' -the Hindu word for illusion-, and helps us delve deep beyond flesh and,


Children play

just as grownups do

on the thin ice of Life.

and Different is just a word

uttered in places unkind,

yet True Colors soar

when we all become blind.

(*) You can find the complete poem -and some more enlightenting ones- in :

Monday, April 23, 2007

Round The Fire

Just a thought after attending the 'Reading And Language Arts Workshop' last Saturday

~ ~ ~

Storytelling is


a compound word,

an eleven-letter thought expression.

Just a gathering of Souls

sharing heat

and, in

the spur of the moment,


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Life is peachy!

Hi, dewdrops all! This is me again, still rebirthing.......After having taken Cambridge's TKT exam, I feel stamina-stuffed again (though it's difficult for me to cope with March-April's wet climate)

This year, and the following, seem promising to me. I've just found a place -or several places- in the Liceo Cultural Británico: I've been given adolescent and adult courses there, and I'm sort of busy, but the 'peachiness' of life is largely overwhelming that initial 'quicksand stepping' feeling when assuming responsibility for groups of people. As classes pass by, there is also a fullness which has taken over me: the permanent feedback with my students, the idyllic state of bliss which stays after each and every class I give, the help that comes from everywhere, my colleagues' silent understanding and support, make me remember my own adolescent years......promising, filled with hope. And I do hope this fullness to last.

And, this state I'm in has taken me to greater intention to resume my Teacher Training formal studies has taken shape. After having faced difficult times which led me to abandon those studies last year, the dust now is being settled, and the intention has become,now, Teacher Trainers Beware! Next year I'm coming back with a vengeance!!!

Monday, March 05, 2007


Hello again! After this summer recess, in which I decided to get away from it all, I'm just starting to rev up to face the future ahead. Good and bad teaching experiences I had, none of which I resent, and (almost) plenty of new ideas to follow the path I started a few years ago.

I'm now about to take Cambridge's TKT Module One exam, after absorbing all knowledge in my brief English Teacher Training Course experience, and looking forward to let my roster of private students grow.

It takes great pains,

a lot of stamina,

and a great deal of perseverance.......

It takes a true heart,

also false steps,

and quite a bit of courage..........

It takes loving surroundings,

harmonised roots,

and some determination......... go solo flying, but


take a deep breath before the plunge,

betray the roots of evil that sprout everywhere,

make amends, and

Soar Away!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Girlie Friend

Cleo (May 1993 - November 2006)
With bitter tears in my eyes,
this is just to keep her in my heart,
my little beloved teenage girl!