Monday, March 05, 2007


Hello again! After this summer recess, in which I decided to get away from it all, I'm just starting to rev up to face the future ahead. Good and bad teaching experiences I had, none of which I resent, and (almost) plenty of new ideas to follow the path I started a few years ago.

I'm now about to take Cambridge's TKT Module One exam, after absorbing all knowledge in my brief English Teacher Training Course experience, and looking forward to let my roster of private students grow.

It takes great pains,

a lot of stamina,

and a great deal of perseverance.......

It takes a true heart,

also false steps,

and quite a bit of courage..........

It takes loving surroundings,

harmonised roots,

and some determination......... go solo flying, but


take a deep breath before the plunge,

betray the roots of evil that sprout everywhere,

make amends, and

Soar Away!!