Friday, April 28, 2006

Sowing the Seeds

Today I've just had what some people would call 'a reassuring experience'. As a private English teacher for some years now, I've had some personal unsureties about how to tackle the job, as I've had no specialised tuition. I seem to have a good command of the language (people seem to understand me as I speak!) but I 'officially' lack what may be called 'pedagogic expertise'.
As soon as I finished an assignment for Theory of Education at the LCB about Andragogy theory* a few hours ago, I just found -to my surprise- that I've been intuitively applying the five key assumptions of the theory since I began teaching! I think I may have had teachers who used that approach, and I may well have unconsciously 'modeled' them........
There are now two students of mine, both adults at elementary level, which are very enthusiastic about English language, and I haven't realised until now that it may well be thanks to the 'andragogic' approach. As you may have noticed, my passion flows through everything I do, and this 'discovery' comes only to enrich me.

* For more on Andragogy theory, click on the link: