Saturday, May 06, 2006

.....our reason to be here.

One can see humbleness in Nature. When I see the six hamsters I keep at home as pets, I can see humbleness. When I look at a blade of grass swinging and swaying in the wind, I can see humbleness.
A very good exercise on it is to attend a seminar. I've just come back from the APIBA seminar at Lenguas Vivas, and the newness of it all brought back that not so common feeling. I highly enjoyed it, saw people come and go, some proud and tall, some stooping low at knowledge, some others filled their hands with catalogues and brochures, but most with that reassuring look of solidarity. I found many people eager to talk (thanks to this, -as soon as I know when and where-, I'll embark myself in an NLP workshop), all very helping people. The dissertants were all very enthusiastic, to the point that I felt tempted to jump at every single task they proposed but, to keep myself true to my newfound beloved vocation, I refocused on just listening and learning.
And now I'm waiting here for reason to be here. And after a bit of waiting, the feedback almost overwhelmed me. I boldly went to read the comments on my previous posts, and the seed of humbleness sprouted here and there. I feel the urge to tell all of you that you are, no more and no less, the reason I'm here.........
Julia and Adriana: YOU both almost left me speechless!!!! Many Thanks!