Monday, May 15, 2006

Camels and Chamaeleons

Would you like some Earl Grey tea, no sugar, no milk, in the middle of the Sahara desert? Would you like to behold the umpteenth version of an albino scorpion just coming out of the desert sand near Hamunaptra, Egypt?
And would you like to see a reptile disappear before your eyes when looking at a tree in an Amazonas rainforest?
Well, these raptures seem to be the ramblings of a 48-year-old diseased mind.* But, rather, in the first two cases, only a camel could help fulfill those wildest dreams. And what other marvelous magician could perform such a mind-boggling act, than a chamaeleon?
In animal kingdom, can you, dear reader, think of any two-legged mammal which may impersonate the traits those two wonderous creatures have?.............(rumble)..............Voilá! There´s the Teacher!!
Teachers, as camels, have the endurance to go through the most hostile environment with a reassuring smile, and, as a chamaeleon, they can become best wizards and jugglers in the world, leaving a river of amazed faces behind, and still, be part of the chaos.
Endurance and versatility. One for keeping a teacher whole, and the other to make him /her be a Pandora's Box to stir our curiosity and hunger to learn. Then, by integrating those two features, teachers make us use our ears, our eyes, ourselves, our hearts and our undivided Listen.

*Happy Birthday to me......why not?